Name: Tenisha Light Caba | Vintage Boutique Owner, Brooklyn Bleu Zodiac: Cancer Snippet: Meet Tenisha Light-Caba. I’m lucky to call her a lovely friend (and previous colleague). Tenisha shared nuggets of influence, funny childhood memories, married life, vintage style and … Continue reading


Name: Ashaki Ward | Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actress, Giver Zodiac: Aquarius Snippet: Ashaki shared her reflective views on life, love, performing arts, decisions & laughter. Ms. Ward leaves a trail of sunshine wherever she goes. Enjoy! Filmed:  February 2012 Be sure … Continue reading


  Sweet Chick – Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Please go and experience the goodness for yourself! The drinks, vegan chicken, waffles (along with other yummy side dishes) make me extremely joyful inside. The last two photos were snagged off the website. There is … Continue reading