Armored: The Perfect Bangle Picnic


Hey Folks,

Can you believe we are in the month of August? I’m still in disbelief that summer is almost over (say it ain’t so)! And yeh, I decided to take a month break on due to ripping and running with work in NYC, but I’m happily back to it all!

Okay, to all my Style Junkies, distinct souls and readers, how are you mixing up your bangle picnics, arm parties, color, metals and armor this summer? I would love if you left a brief comment in the box below. If you know me, or not, you already know that I rarely go anywhere without my Wonder Woman armor. I believe in telling stories with accessories, please tell me yours!

photo 2-6IMG_3417

It’s always a thrill to see bangle love on the arms of beautiful women all over the world. +MC