First Bike Ride: Bedstuy To Dumbo!

One of the celebrated reasons living around the corner from your friends are the opportunities you come by to be spontaneous on any given day. A few weekends ago, my good friend, RB, suggested we pick up some delicious salt fish and bake for breakfast, and embark on our first bike ride of the season later that afternoon. Oh yeh, consider me DOWN! It was a perfect idea to ride out on a sunny, warm and breezy day, so I got my ISH together and prepared for the adventure.

Before we could start the journey, we needed to put some air in our bike tires (after not riding my bike for over a year, those bad boys needed some major fluff). Umm err, we did have a few more oopsy moments before we could officially stride on. First, my cross-body bag gave me real issues until my homegirl knotted it very tight for me. Second, RB’s Converse shoestring got caught in one pedal, but she tied those suckers up the old school way, so they wouldn’t cause anymore trouble. We were finally ready to roll out and take flight!

Now, if anyone understands the bike lane issues we have in the borough of Brooklyn, you already know my concerns. The lanes are narrow, leaving little room to navigate. Accustomed bike riders in this city ride like they own the streets of New York (they have no care that a mighty steel car is in front, or behind them). Needless to say, there are some kinks to work through when riding in Brooklyn. After assessing some potential danger, my homegirl and I opted to take a safe route to Dumbo (we love life way too much to ride in harms way)! As we pedaled and approached a main street with an incline slope, we rethought the decision to travel to Dumbo from Bedstuy quick, fast, and in a hurry. Rewind: Cracking up a little inside—I wondered if Renae felt the burn that I did that fast, lol! Okay, back to the story, we managed to knock out the first uphill battle and kept on moving with the wind. I must admit, the funniest part of the bike ride was when I trailed behind my homegirl on the second incline, heading towards Brooklyn Bridge, and my legs felt like they were on fire and could no longer move. Imagine feeling like you’re moving in slow motion but getting nowhere…yep, that was me. I had to get off my bike, walk 30 footsteps, and take a damn break (hilarious moment for me)! After hopping back on my bike, thinking “you can handle this,” plus, remembering how much I LOVED riding my bike as a young girl, I succeeded and felt like a champ! I acknowledge that it’s time to get in better shape to handle these city streets. :^)

As soon as we entered Dumbo, we bumped into Blair Eaadie from Atlantic Pacific blog (she’s a pretty well-known fashion blogger that I follow on IG) while taking pictures in front of a colorful art piece. Her photographer smiled and greeted RB, and asked to use her vibrant yellow bike for a quick photoshoot. After that surprise encounter, we headed to the deli, and finally biked to Brooklyn Bridge park. We bumped into more friends, engaged in easy conversation, chilled with drinks, ate food, read magazines, and laughed on repeat. Naturally, we inhaled the gorgeous scenery and vowed to do more bike riding this spring and summer. We sincerely enjoyed another great day in Brooklyn!

Okay folks, I suggest you dust off your bikes and take a fun (or funny) ride in your respective cities!



photo 2-4

Me in filterland. :^)

photo 1-8

RB chilling on her yellow Jenny!



Blair Eadie (@blaireadiebee) borrowing RB’s bike! *smile*

photo 3-3IMG_3321


Lots of beautiful scenery!