Chronixx (Dread & Terrible): Why This Album Stays On Repeat!


I’ve seriously lived for quality music my whole life (all genres & styles included). This is one of the main reasons why I’ve worked in music programming, management and live events for so long. Life wouldn’t be that exciting without a proper soundtrack to date your experiences and overall journey, right? Right!

Moving on…I’ve been jamming to Chronixx – Dread & Terrible since spring of 2014. The favored and fresh-faced, Jamar Rolando McNaughton, better known as Chronixx, has gained international success from his substance-filled songwriting, lyrical style and compositions over the last few years.  He’s seriously a breath of fresh air to all music in my eyes. Chronixx’s timing was perfection… entering the international music scene at a time in reggae’s history, as part of a young group of Jamaican artists who vowed to revitalize the genre. Not swaying far from his roots and legacy, Chronixx’s dad Chronicle — who he describes as “the original dancehall father,” achieved an international following of his own, with hits from previous years. Chronicle recognized Jamar’s talent in songwriting and production early on, knowing his son would be an influential force in roots, rock & reggae. Chronixx’s thought-provoking wordplay of life + times uplifts my sprit in every way. I can honestly ride out to this album on any day of the week.

Lastly, this past summer, Chronixx performed at SummerStage in NYC (the organization & festival I work with) to a 5,000+ crowd, who danced and sang along to all of his tunes. It happened to rain that Saturday, BUT everyone remained at our outside venue until the sun appeared again. This fact alone speaks volumes because “some” New Yorker’s will run when it comes to bad weather.  I’ve also noticed that he has a celebrity fan base that is steadily growing. All the honor and mentions he’s receiving nationwide is well-deserved. Yes sir, Chronixx feeds the culture and more mindsets and ears will be nourished now. Do yourself a favor and catch a vibe. Add Dread & Terrible to your music collection today!

Oh, before I go, I’ll leave you with a Chronixx goodie. Check out the Capture Land video below.