Color Therapy: The Spring Factor

Hey Y’all,

Did you miss me a little bit? I took a brief social network hiatus, but I’m happy to be back when spring has ushered in perfect weather, fresh flowers, green grass, flea markets, food trucks, pop-up shops, outdoor activities, colorful people and so much more.

Last weekend in NYC, we experienced our first 65-70 degree weather temperatures, and EVERYONE was outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous Mother Nature moment! While walking the streets of BK with friends, the color and style spectrum reminded me of why I dig the spring season so much. There were flowers for sale outside of several delis. Restaurants with open doors, windows and patio areas full of patrons. People of diverse ethnicities in colorful dresses, blazers, hats, dungarees, sneakers, and making statements in casual + glamorous looks. Community gardens welcoming you to take a peek at what seeds were being sown. Cooking in my own kitchen, trying to come up with something special for later.

After experiencing various color stimulation, it had me thinking about the effects of color therapy, and why I’m personally moved in such a positive way. I’ve read that in some ancient cultures, red was used to stimulate the body and mind to increase circulation. Yellow was thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body. Orange was used to heal the lungs and increase energy levels. Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain. Now, without doing too much research and getting deeply involved in color psychology, I am for certain that color is a necessity for me. It helps me create, think, set goals, vision, make better decisions and feel incredibly happy similar to music. The evidence of the April blooming season, with all its wonderful hues has me open to new opportunities, and feeling quite giddy these days. This warm feeling justifies how spring allows me to see things in an intelligible way and promotes personal growth.

Wishing joy, love, color and good vibrations to my readers today and everyday.


photo 1-7

Yellow sunflowers take my breath away. They were my favorite flowers in the 90′s.

photo 2-3

Tipsy is another cute wine boutique in my neighborhood. The artwork, color & wine pulled me indoors.

photo-41 copy

Tulip Fever.


photo 3-2

I fell in love with these charming floor pillows at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene this past weekend. Yep, I share this pillow fetish with many women. The prints and colors felt good to the soul.