::Dig My Quintessential Things::

I’ve been busy bee-ing it lately, but I figured I would resurface with a “quintessential things” post because, well, they’re my favorites! Majority of the items below are long time staples in my home, and I love the positive energy they add to my inner/outer spirit and space.  So, I won’t bore you too much with why I personally dig these pretty packaged goodies, but I will tell you to stock up on them today. They’ll definitely add to your summer glow! #gogetyousome


  • Fracas de Robert Piguet—I’ve worn this tuberose & orange blossom perfume scent for many years. It smells heavenly.
  • Nars Luxor—that perfect summer shimmer that looks amazing on every woman’s face.  Good for highlighting the top of cheeks and down bridge of nose.
  • Skin Deep Body Polish (Cocoa Mango)—this sugar scrub works wonders to renew your natural glow. I’ve used it for the last 2-3 months.
  • Skin Deep Shea Body Souffle (Almond)—I’m in love with this soufflé. The moisture, smell, and ingredients compliment your skin. Seriously, a little of this luster goes a long way!
  • Meyer’s Room Spray (Geranium Scent)—anything Meyer’s makes my life better. I use this in my home, car, and office. This flowery scent is mild and perfect for any room.
  • Eden BodyWorks All Natural Pudding Soufflé (Coconut)—this stuff is great! I use it on my hair when it is lightly blown dry. It adds moisture to my tresses, preventing dryness and aids in reducing frizz.
  • Voluspa Candles (Figue de Bordeaux Scent)—just go buy this NOW! They are sold online, various boutiques and Anthropologie. I’m an earth sign, and is one of my favorite scents.
  • Naked by Urban Decay—earth tones that are perfect for every occasion (day & night). This particular eye palette is great for multiple skin tones.
  • Tulasi Incense (Rosemary, Lavendar & Aloe Vera)—you can’t go wrong with buying a box of incense sticks that smell fresh and light. No signs of smoke that make you choke.
  • Vintage Wicker Clutch (North Carolina Find)—My homegirl, Lizz, bought this clutch bag for me many years ago. I use it as an ultimate incense holder.