Whole Foods Brooklyn–PARADE!

Okay, if you know me personally or via my social platforms, then you already know how THRILLED I was about the Whole Foods, Brooklyn grand opening in mid-December. My friends and I had waited so long for this dream to come into fruition, I had almost forgotten about the launch. Yeh, I’m a bit of a health market enthusiast (and I do food shop all over New York City), but for BK to finally have its on location is serious business in my world. I’ve ventured to Whole a few times this month, and have been impressed with the quality, customer service, fresh selection of produce, meat and fish every time. Servicing foodies from all over Central Brooklyn, the space is very airy, which allows people enough room to maneuver their carts without bumping into one another. Finally, we can coexist in one market and live happily ever after! I can’t forget to mention the coffee/tea bar, attractive dining area and rooftop deck that sells flavorful craft beer and food (insert double bodywave here). If I were you, I would go join the parade ASAP!

Oh, before I sign off, I’ve been itching to share this quick story with you. So, for the sake of providing an afternoon chuckle, here we go! During my first visit to the Whole Foods, BK location, I pushed my cart with pure delight and thoroughly examined each aisle. Now, for whatever reason, I decided to go into my purse for something and realized that I left my damn wallet on my coffee table at home (gasp). I NEVER EVEEEEER forget my wallet when I shop. After experiencing my WTH emotion that came along with forgetting my coins and a cart full of food, I instantly started to laugh at myself. On that specific evening, I ended up washing dishes, bagging groceries and winking at the male manager a few times in order to take my groceries home…I kid, I kid! My homegirl aka steak mama for the night was kind enough to loan me the money to pay for my grocery items. It goes without saying, that experience created a comical and memorable introductory visit for me. My heart beats for uh-oh moments!

Whole Foods, Brooklyn is located:

214 3rd Street Brooklyn New York  11215


Store Hours: 8 am to 11pm, daily

P: 718-907-3622


photo-37 copy 2IMG_2949

Olive Wonderland.

IMG_2954 (1)

Fresh Flowers.


Fresh Fish.

photo 2 copy


photo 3

Cheese and Fruit.


My homegirl, Jodine, who saved the day. :^)