Frames & Specs: Which Accessory Suits Your Face Best?


Hey Y’all!

The temperatures finally lifted, and the snow started to melt in NYC over the weekend (can you say thank GOD)! Since Saturday was so gorgeous, I decided to grab my sunnies, camera and long list of busy to maneuver through the Brooklyn streets with everyone else in the borough. The spring-like weather pulled the little BIG neighborhood out in a massive way. It’s crazy how the weather can dictate our moods and moves. I’m still thanking Mama Nature for giving New Yorkers a brief winter break in February.

Okay, back to the original reason why I’m writing this post. Much like clutch purses, I collect eye frames and sunglasses. For clarification, I don’t wear glasses to correct my vision, I wear glasses as an accessory. I’m positive I share this style addiction with many women and men in the world. Purchasing vintage, inexpensive, and moderately priced constructed frames are my favorites, but I don’t discriminate on the appealing cheapy designs either. I dig them all!

When selecting a pair of specs, the shapes and styles rule my world. Most people want a pair that looks best on their mug, right? We have square, oval, diamond, oblong, heart, and circle formed faces. Then, we have a variety of styles to choose from (aviator, butterfly, rectangle, semi-rimeless, shield, square, wayfarer, and wraps for athletes or people who want to look like athletes). There is truly an individual style for all personalities. If I have a tired eye day, sunnies and clear frames have proven to be my best friend. Also, glasses allow me to convey other confident looks, very similar to changing your hairstyle on different days of the week. My mood normally orders what I will wear for the day or occasion, so alternating my style helps me to avoid boredom. I find it liberating to switch things up a bit. Insert a collective AMEN here!


Are you rocking any specs this winter/spring? Have you found new retailers with great deals? Be sure to check out and for some classic and fashion forward frames for less. I’ve also been hooked on the Spring 2014 line at They have a number of bold colors to choose from. +MC