Gather Together: Work Dates, Hang Dates, Cafes & More…

Hey ya’ll!

As the heavy snow fell last night, I scribed my midweek to-complete list. On one of my many post-it notes I wrote the word gather, which happened to prompt this post today. This winter season my friends and I have done a fantastic job at connecting, and it’s been so worthwhile for us. It is easy to fall into a slump, and not be as active in the cold months when it comes to gathering and socializing. Hibernating with technology can be cozy and all (insert sarcasm here), but we can’t let it replace our one on one’s with another. Human touch is the real deal and I deem it necessary for fruitful relationships with my folk-a-lok. The quality moments I experience with my tribe are cherished, respected and heartfelt. Yeh, I can be a bit mushy at times, but I’m cool with my individual mush, lol!

So, if you don’t mind, I wanted to suggest ten simple things to do with your dear ones that doesn’t cost much at all. Listed below are brief activities that can be done after or in-between work. Okaaaay, here we go!

  • Go to your neighborhood cafe with a friend for a work or hang date
  • Join a friend for a workout at the gym
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood park to catch up on work + life
  • Catch an afternoon matinee or late night movie together
  • A visit to a friends home is always perfect (please phone first)
  • Invite your aces over for breakfast, kitchen talk, dinner and wine
  • Painting, crafting and coloring is so much fun with loved ones
  • Skating, bowling, ping pong or pool is the JAM
  • Brief excursion to an art exhibit or museum
  • Go see a live show or concert together



Whatever you choose to do, make sure you get off that pretty couch of yours and make time for yourself and the people you love! +MC