What’s In Your Attractive Mason Jar?

Afternoon Folks!

So, what are you putting in your mason jar these days? I absolutely dig them because they are wide-mouthed and airtight, and they are so useful for everyday needs. Here are some impressive tips and ideas for those charming glass jars that we all have access to. I’m sure you’ve come across some of the tips before, but this post serves as a friendly spring reminder. Don’t be afraid to get funky and creative with it!


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  • Chalkboard Mason Jar Vase
  • Plant Mini-Herb Gardens
  • Summer Drinks Served In Jars (Traditional)
  • Painted & Tinted Mason Jars
  • Little Love Notes In A Jar
  • Salt, Pepper & Dried Herb Shakers
  • Mason Jars Spring/Summer Flower Vase
  • Spa Salts In A Jar
  • Scrubs In A Jar
  • Dried Roses & Fragrances In A Jar (Aromatherapy)
  • Homemade Scrubs
  • Outdoor Candle Glass Chandeliers
  • Sauces & Preservatives (Traditional)
  • Make Up Brushes
  • Decorative Gift Jars
  • Family Survival Kits
  • Dried Fruit, Nuts, Cookies, or Yummy Treats In A Jar
  • Incense
  • Portable Airtight Carriers For Fresh Juiced Veggies & Fruits
  • On The Go Salad In A Jar