Neighborhood Swoon: Billyburg, Brooklyn

If you happen to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, it’s obvious that I Neighborhood Swoon on a regular basis. I’ve always been interested in the reasons of what makes a city unique, or special. A few weeks ago, my friend and I visited one of our neighboring communities that we frequent fairly often. Williamsburg, Brooklyn is only a hop, skip and a jump away from the area we live in. It borders Greenpoint to the north, Bedford-Stuyvesant to the south, Bushwick and Ridgewood, Queens to the east and the East River to the west.

Quick history lesson: Billyburg is currently an influential hub for atmospheric restaurants, lounges, live music venues, antique stores, thrift stores, specialty boutiques, hipster culture, and the local art community. Many ethnic groups also have enclaves within Williamsburg, including the Jewish community, Italians, Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans. The neighborhood has been redefined by a growing population and the swift development of housing and retail space particularly catered to a wealthy population that has been historically foreign to the neighborhood. Yep, the bold shift in various areas throughout Brooklyn is apparent!

Okay, back to the adventure! On our swoon, we bumped into a large number of attractive spots, some new and old to us. The diversity of people, style, energy and visuals had me on TEN this particular afternoon. Well, I guess I can attribute some of that excitement to my caffeine rush aka delicious chai latte from Margo Patisserie Cafe, that I toted around with me on every avenue. I go hard for a warm cup of tea – I digress, I digress! Below are a few highlights from that day. If you’re a resident of NYC, or visiting, I highly suggest peeking your head into some of these places. The little things sustain my beating heart, and I imagine the like-minded would appreciate significant gems in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Enjoy the ride!


We were beyond impressed with the goodies that were housed in Eclectic Collectibles & Antiques located at 158 Roebling Street, Brooklyn New York. Let your imagination wander because they had EVERYTHING!



Do you see what I see? Check out this handmade jewelry at Perry Gargano located at 242 Grand Street, Brooklyn, New York. This shop and work studio had me ooooo-ing and ahh-ing at every piece I laid my eyes on.



For the love of everything green! Plants, aromatherapy, organic bath & body care are in Skinny Skinny located at 268 Grand Street, Brooklyn New York.





Do you see what I mean! There are several sophisticated spots to dip in while visiting Billyburg. Sidenote: My homegirl and I could not stop chuckling at the caroling visual above. We even inserted ourselves in the singing tribe for sh*ts and giggles! I’ll be sure to share those photographs when I retrieve the images from her camera. So, what neighborhoods do you gravitate to in your respective cities? I would love to hear more in the comments below. +MC