Neighborhood Swoon: Summer Visuals!




Sweet Chick – Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Please go and experience the goodness for yourself! The drinks, vegan chicken, waffles (along with other yummy side dishes) make me extremely joyful inside. The last two photos were snagged off the website. There is also a new location on the Lower East Side in Manhattan to visit. Nick and I enjoyed those “sweet chick cocktails” above!


Bedford Avenue in Billyburg: The portable grass made me chuckle. Hey, if you don’t have grass in the hood, bring it to Northside Festival yourself!


One of my all time favorite movies and soundtracks — Black Orpheus!  This crate was found on my famalams street in Fort Greene. I DIG a good stoop/crate sale in Brooklyn. Cope in his cool demeanor, holding a classic Santana album for the camera.




Rob’s delicious fresh juice stand in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I’ve always admired his presentation over the years…the sugarcane and coconuts shift my mind and spirit directly to the islands. It goes without saying, I gulped a large spinach, pineapple, orange, and ginger combo juice down in 15 minutes.  You can check him out on the weekends!