Quintessential List: The Ten Things Every Bedroom Needs

Good Tuesday, Folks!

I ran across this quintessential list on www.elledecor.com the other day. As an avid reader of Elle Decor Magazine, the style tips are often aligned with projects I work on within my NYC apartment. My living space is especially important, because it’s where I think, sleep, dwell, work and create. I personally like my pieces to tell a story, spark conversation, and comfort is always key. When you get a free moment, glance at The Ten Things Every Bedroom Needs story.

Amy Prieser hit it on the head! Here is the ED online link, so you don’t have to go far. Give your bedroom a little affection today!




Photo credit: Elle Decor Online

  1. A Comfortable Rug
  2. A Theme
  3. The Right Amount Of Throw Pillows
  4. A Place To Sit (Not The Bed)
  5. No Tech In Sight
  6. A Collection Of Things You Love
  7. Well-Stocked NightStands
  8. A Great Mattress
  9. Photographs – But Not Of Family
  10. Drama!