The Givers

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Name: Clarence Coodie Simmons | Giver, Film Maker, Director, Creative Control, LLC Zodiac: Capricorn Snippet: Meet Coodie Simmons. A fellow Chicago native, whose charm, smile & warm personality will light up any drab room. He’s a friend we love, family … Continue reading


Name: Tenisha Light Caba | Vintage Boutique Owner, Brooklyn Bleu Zodiac: Cancer Snippet: Meet Tenisha Light-Caba. I’m lucky to call her a lovely friend (and previous colleague). Tenisha shared nuggets of influence, funny childhood memories, married life, vintage style and … Continue reading


Name: Ashaki Ward | Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actress, Giver Zodiac: Aquarius Snippet: Ashaki shared her reflective views on life, love, performing arts, decisions & laughter. Ms. Ward leaves a trail of sunshine wherever she goes. Enjoy! Filmed:  February 2012 Be sure … Continue reading

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Here are a few books and magazine recos to add to your March reads! I enjoy revisiting books that stimulate the senses. Humans Of New York by Brandon Stanton: A beautiful, heartfelt, funny, and inspiring collection of photographs and sentiments capturing … Continue reading


  Have you ever walked, or driven down a block and pondered about life taking place in each household? Everyone has a head full of thoughts, ideas, memories, situations and vivid imagery swimming laps. Humanity, life and art continues to … Continue reading


Name: Renae Bluitt | PR Maven (Crush Media), Blogger (In Her Shoes Blog), Sister, Giver Zodiac: Virgo Snippet: Get to know the woman and force behind In Her Shoes blog! Renae shared her yellow enthusiasm and drive for all things progressive. … Continue reading


Name: Nik G. | Giver, Wife, Mother, Lifestylist, Blogger, Photo Enthusiast Zodiac: Cancer Snippet: Nik G. was my first out of town guest when I took KitchenTALK on the road to visit Atlanta. During our cafe conversation, Nik shared her … Continue reading

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Wishing you and your family a delightful holiday filled with love, protection and unforgettable moments! My sincerest appreciation for your support this year.  +MC

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Name: C. Zawadi Morris | Giver, Journalist, Publisher & Editor at The Brooklyn Reader Zodiac: Gemini Snippet: Zawadi shared her intellect, affection for words, heritage and the night we met SADE! Her giving spirit was present throughout our full conversation. … Continue reading

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Name: Molaundo Jones | Visual Art, Media, Creative Services, The Clever Agency Zodiac: Sagittarius Snippet: Get to know the knowledgeable man behind The Clever Agency! Molaundo shared his drive, purpose, passion and enthusiasm for the arts, youth, culture and life. … Continue reading